Exhibition introduction

Exploring future zero-carbon technology

The 2022 China Carbon Expo will be held concurrently with the China Environmental Expo, the largest environmental protection exhibition in Asia. It is estimated that the total exhibition area will reach more than 200,000 square meters, with more than 2,300 enterprises from 35 countries...

Exhibition introduction

Exhibition Scope

To create an international level and influence of the industry event
  • Carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies

    carbon capture, transportation and storage technologies, oil displacement, water displacement and storage technologies, chemicals, polymers and fuels; Carbon and storage technology, demonstration project.

  • Industrial energy saving and carbon reduction

    A: industrial re-electrification technology: energy-saving technologies and equipment for energy-saving boilers, industrial kilns and heating networks, energy-saving motors and automation control system technologies and equipment, air compressors, high-efficiency transformers, fans, high-efficiency compressors and pumps, high-efficiency internal combustion engines, heat exchange vessels, heat pumps, energy-saving heat exchange and other heat treatment technologies and equipment, and energy-saving transformation of process industries; Energy efficiency technology;

  • Preparation and utilization of hydrogen energy

    hydrogen production technology and equipment, residual hydrogen supply enterprises, hydrogen/methanol storage technology and equipment, hydrogen refueling station complete sets of equipment: hydrogen fuel vehicles and other vehicles, fuel cell and power station technology, fuel cell fixed application, etc.

  • Advanced biomass fuel technologies

    Advanced biomass fuel technologies include cellulosic ethanol technology, technology of converting bioethanol into bio-petroleum products, alcohol-based fuel technology and equipment; microalgae fuel technology, absorbing carbon dioxide to synthesize ethanol with biophotosynthesis, diesel or other high-carbon alcohol technology, hydrogen, CO2 production of biofuels and high-value chemical technology, bio-refining technology and equipment, biomass power generation technology, biomass energy products, bio-based chemicals, instruments and equipment, biomass (particle) gasification and combustion boilers, etc.

  • Carbon and greenhouse gas monitoring technology

    carbon emission monitoring, eva1uation and reporting system, monitoring instruments and equipment; Greenhouse gas emission data information system, greenhouse gas satellite remote sensing monitoring and application technology, gas monitoring, particulate matter monitoring, satellite remote sensing monitoring technology, Earth observation technology, etc.

  • Carbon neutral service

    carbon neutral services; Carbon certification, carbon emission services, CDM project development and consultation, etc.



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