Green Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Infrastructure Development

Bringing together hydrogen producers, energy majors, the oil and gas industry, pipeline operators, offshore wind and energy companies, utilities giants, port authorities, airports, renewable energy investors, engineering firms, heavy industry, steel producers, chemical and process industries, and technology suppliers, this conference will discuss and debate challenges, opportunities, and most importantly – solutions, to the emerging green hydrogen economy in Europe. Topics will include, but not be limited to:

  • Primary energy sources for green hydrogen production – solar, wind, biomass, nuclear

  • Energy conversion – electrolysis, biochemical, thermochemical, reforming

  • Design, simulation, test, monitoring, and control solutions for hydrogen plants

  • Driving down the cost of low carbon hydrogen

  • Business models for low carbon hydrogen

  • Building and integrating a European and global network for green hydrogen distribution

  • Refuelling solutions

  • The role of green hydrogen in decarbonising heavy industry

  • Incorporating clean hydrogen into the renewable energy mix

  • Hydrogen storage – liquefication, compression, material-based, hydride storage, sorbents

  • Regulation and investment requirements to enable rapid scale-up and adoption