Industrial energy saving and carbon reduction

A: industrial re-electrification technology: energy-saving technologies and equipment for energy-saving boilers, industrial kilns and heating networks, energy-saving motors and automation control system technologies and equipment, air compressors, high-efficiency transformers, fans, high-efficiency compressors and pumps, high-efficiency internal combustion engines, heat exchange vessels, heat pumps, energy-saving heat exchange and other heat treatment technologies and equipment, and energy-saving transformation of process industries; Energy efficiency technology;

B: Industrial Internet technology, smart industrial energy-saving system management, water, gas, electricity, heating and other related energy-consuming equipment integrated management system, smart community energy control, management, operation and maintenance integration platform, data intelligent driving energy consumption and supply management system; Overall solution of integrated energy services. Comprehensive energy-saving and intelligent energy-saving services such as contract energy management, energy-saving monitoring and testing, etc.

C: industrial surplus energy recovery technology: surplus energy recovery technology and equipment, energy-saving heat pump technology and equipment, supporting technical equipment, waste heat heating technical equipment, etc.; Technology for producing hydrogen from coke oven gas, chlor-alkali and propane dehydrogenation to propylene and ethane cracking to olefin by-products; Technology for producing ethylene glycol and ethanol from tail gas;