Advantages of China Carbon Expo
Author: Source: Click:328 Time:2021-07-30

1. The government attaches great importance to the goal of carbon Offset and will invest huge financial support. The social attention is extremely high, which will attract massive investment and produce many new technologies and new companies;

2. Leverage the advantages and resources of China Environment Expo, the flagship environmental protection platform in Asia, and develop with high quality and high starting point to help you seize the industry opportunities;

3. Special exhibition in special area, with vertical subdivision of exhibits, covering carbon Offset and the whole industrial chain;

4. Leading enterprises in the industry rushed here  to showcase global carbon neutral solutions;

5.50+ Media support of relevant industry associations at home and abroad, complementing the buyers and visitors of the Expo, and providing exhibitors with 100,000 + high-quality customer base;

6.100+ industry and association media cooperation, all-media delivery plan, more effective audience organization;

7. The combination of exhibition and meeting is an excellent platform for you to understand the development of the industry and communicate and cooperate with the upstream and downstream of the industry.