Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage

Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo will be co-located with the Carbon Capture Technology Conference & Expo which will be a 2-day conference dedicated to discussing the role of carbon capture in decarbonising heavy industry and how the combination of CCS and hydrogen will play a key role in the transition to creating a CO2-neutral energy supply. Join leading experts from the oil and gas sectors, renewable energy companies, NGO’s, government environmental and energy departments, engineering consultants, and a wide range of industries that are leading the charge in the deployment of carbon capture utilisation and storage solutions. Topics will include, but not be limited to:

Impact and potential of CCS on achieving global climate mitigation targets

Application in heavy and ‘hard-to-decarbonise’ sectors

CCS and hydrogen production

Commercialisation – cost reduction, investment, and building the business model for CCS

Policy updates and global regulation,

Carbon pricing and carbon taxing

Updates from latest CCS projects

CO2 capture and separation – pre-combustion, post-combustion, oxyfuel combustion

Transportation solutions, compression, handling, and distribution

Storage – selection, planning, construction, and monitoring suitable storage sites

Testing – simulation, safety testing, durability, performance, certification

Materials – membranes, absorbents, activated carbon materials, MOFs

Utilisation – concrete, chemicals, polymers, fuels